Review in Downbeat Magazine – 4 stars


08 March 2016  Downbeat Magazine

Bob Doerschuk
4/5 Stars
Danish saxophonist Lars Møller’s ReWrite Of Spring is a soaring, sprawling conception, combining exquisite detail with monumental vision. Imposing as it is, one might best approach the album with an open mind, anticipating something awe inspiring, which on reflection is a perfectly valid perspective by which to appreciate any creation, musical or physical.

The first inclination here is to recognize that Møller is a supreme colorist. His command of instrumental combinations is fully evident throughout ReWrite. From the clustered harmonies to the meticulous overlays of woodwinds and brass to his use of the ensemble’s dynamic resources, he seems to draw from the same well that nourished Oliver Nelson’s The Blues And The Abstract Truth. But he goes further down his own path, unleashing a full complement of percussion to enhance rhythmic momentum and to add a little sonic tinsel on quieter passages. To this mix he adds opportunities for improvisation, mostly by saxophonist David Liebman and percussionist Marilyn Mazur.